Are you just coming off of an orthopedic surgery on your knee? Then you probably have a decent amount of pain and weakness that you are having to deal with. This along with your physical therapy can really create a rough time while rehabilitating. Continuous passive motion or CPM is a treatment used after orthopedic surgery and has been practiced for over 30 years. CPM has been proven to reduce swelling, reduce pain, maintain and increase range of motion, and inhibit formation of scar tissue.

CPM works by keeping the joint area moving very gently in a slow rhythmic pattern that doesn’t engage the muscles around the repaired site. This way the muscles have a chance to strengthen and heal without being overused, yet that area gets healthy movement to ensure a faster, fuller recovery. The continuous motion allows the joint flexibility and helps increase the patients range of motion which helps reduce the risk of complications.

The great thing about the CPM machine is it can be used for at least 8 hours a day during the two to six weeks after your surgery. In fact it is recommended to use it for at least that 8 hours, if not more. Because it is a passive system, you can typically use the CPM for as long as you want, or as long as you feel comfortable doing so. It is always a good idea to ask your doctor and/or speak with a trained customer service representative for the company you end up using.

Typically this equipment is very easy to use and comes ready to use right out of the box. These products will come with detailed instructions on how to safely use the equipment if there are any questions. It is important to remember that you do still need to exercise. This is not a substitute for your normal physical therapy, only an additional tool. Your doctor will be able to tell you the exact path that will benefit you most, so make sure to spend some time discussing this with him or her.

A CPM machine can be a great tool for anyone who has just gone through orthopedic surgery. It will help improve your range of motion and typically helps keep swelling down. With these benefits your recovery will be expedited and you will be back to normal in less time. It is recommended to do some of your own research, and of course to talk with your doctor, but many agree that the use of a CPM machine has many benefits.